May 28, 2024

Is Apple Pie Vegan?

With fall fast approaching, I have a question about fall staples. Is apple pie vegan?

4 thoughts on “Is Apple Pie Vegan?

  1. The answer?

    It depends.

    Some pie crusts contain butter or lard (yuck). Some apple fillings may use butter as well. Luckily, my mother in law makes an excellent, vegan approved apple pie. Good stuff.

    1. care to share the recipe? I loved apple pie pre-veganism and now when I cheat and sneak a bit the regular apple pies KILL my stomach.

      1. I think my mother in law would KILL me if I shared … 😉 Just kidding. I’ll see if I can track down that recipe. Like most things though, it’s “to taste.”

  2. @Katie try, or just modify a nonvegan recipe. I usually replace butter with olive oil, milk with coconut milk, etc.

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