May 25, 2024

Do Superstores Sell Vegan Ice Cream?

Ah, the superstore…the megamart…the big box bonanza of groceries and everything else.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the small shops in my area, the farmers markets, the produce stands and the locals who run them, but I also love my nearby Wholefoods, the convenience of Target, and am anticipating the new local Wegman’s (it opened yesterday)! There is room for both kinds of stores in my world, especially out here in the ‘burbs. Sometimes I really do need to buy peanut butter, bulk paper towels and a t-shirt in one trip.

On to the question at hand….the two most popular and nationally known megamarts with groceries, Walmart and Target, both appear to be able to offer/stock SoDelicious products in their freezer section. The newest Target near me did stock them for a while. The answer however is a bit tricky. Stocking groceries is almost entirely up to the management at that particular store. Factors include the geographic region, the general population of the area, the size of the store, and most importantly the demand for such products. New stores tend to offer a bit of everything at first, but beware, it doesn’t sell well, it loses shelf space fast.

Well stocked grocery stores, especially those with a “natural foods section” also tend to offer nondairy/vegan alternatives to ice cream. Most common in the Northeast is SoDelicious and Tofutti, but a place like Wholefoods has many more options.

If you don’t see vegan ice cream treats in your local Target or Walmart, ask to speak to the Grocery Manager or send an email requesting what you’re looking for. There’s no harm in asking. And who knows, you may be the 4th person this week to request it.

Some common vegan ice cream products….

One thought on “Do Superstores Sell Vegan Ice Cream?

  1. When contacting tofutti’s company about where their products are made, he told me that these are made in already established factories that make dairy products. He went on to assure me that the machines are fully cleaned of the regular dairy items with bleaches, only he wouldn’t say what those bleaches were. When we got into conversations he was asked why the companies that sell vegan products don’t all use the same processing plant? He told me that it’s because they want to keep their recipes a secret you know he said, and any way it would be too expensive to purchase a new machine to do our products in, when it’s easer to rent the machines and time. WHAT A SHOCK!! Here we are paying top prices for products that are done in the same machines as thoes that have dairy, cheddar slices and melts, sausages and the rest of it. All that can be said is ASK the company before you cart that item to your plate, cause they aren’t telling you the truth!!

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