May 28, 2024


The isitvegan team is Brian and Melissa. They’re married. He’s vegan. She’s vegetarian. She runs the kitchen. He’s the official dish-washer. She reads cookbooks for fun. He’s the reigning mayor of the local farmers market (mostly because he’s a tech nerd…). They love good food but they always want to know…is it vegan?

For them, any step in the direction of a vegan diet is a good one, and they would rather open a mind with a delicious vegan meal than a lengthy ethical debate. They are passionate about vegan and vegetarian foods, recipes and products and they are thankful that it is so much easier to be vegan today than it was when they met in 1998. Remember when the one container of soy milk on the shelves was weird and brown and watery? Wow. We’ve come a long way.

This site is their adventure through a world that is slowly and surely becoming more vegan friendly. Their goal is to continue this tradition and push forward the idea that vegan isn’t a synonym for scary, gross or bland. For them vegan means tasty delicious and (mostly) healthy foods & fun.

Please note: While Brian and Melissa love doing this site and would gladly do it for the betterment of society and the Earth, they also need to keep this hosted and looking fresh. Don’t expect a glut of advertisements, but any amazon or ebay affiliate links you find on the site will help to keep the lights on at