Author: @isitvegan

Are Tootsie Rolls Vegan?

Answer: no Tootsie rolls are small chocolate chews that contain condensed milk. Not vegan. Other items you may find interestingAre Mary Jane Candies by Necco Vegan? Are Shiseido Products Vegan? Review: Indie Candy Toffees

Is Primaloft Insulation Vegan?

Answer: the Eco line is vegan friendly Primaloft is a brand that produces an insulation material for high end jackets, boots, sleeping bags and other active items. Most of their lines are made with natural down material — feathers. But…

Is Dave’s Killer Bread Vegan?

Answer: Yes According to Dave’s Killer Bread FAQ Q: Do your products contain animal products (dairy, eggs, honey, etc.)? A: Only our Seeded Honey Wheat bread is not vegan, as it contains organic honey. All other DKB products are vegan,…

Is Silk Yogurt Vegan?

Answer: Yes Silk yogurt, from WhiteWave Services, makes a dairy free yogurt. There are a few flavors, and as you guessed it, they are made from soy. And they are all delicious. Other items you may find interestingIs Dole Whip…

Is Pirate’s Booty Vegan?

Answer: No Pirate Brand Pirate’s Booty is not vegan. It contains dairy cheese. There are a few tasty, vegan alternatives though. Other items you may find interestingIs Vinegar Really Vegan? Is Hanukah Gelt Vegan? Are Oreos Vegan?