May 25, 2024

Is Boba Tea Vegan?

Another thing I have never had….

Is boba or bubble tea vegan? Well, it varies and if you enjoy bubble tea, it’s smart to ask the shop you purchase it from.

Bubble teas, a popular drink in Asian cities, are blended teas or fruit juices with tapioca balls floated in the cup. Generally served cold with a fat straw so that the boba (tapioca balls) can be sucked up. Tapioca is a plant based starch, so that is not the issue. However, most bubble tea is sold in a powder form that is meant to be blended into milk. Some of the powders contain “non-dairy creamer” which likely contain animal ingredients. Some mixes however are vegan and could be blended into soy or rice milk.

So in this instance, it pays to ask.

2 thoughts on “Is Boba Tea Vegan?

  1. Yes most are, especially if it is nut or fruit baed drink (taro, strawberry almond). the bubble tea chains where i live are mostly vegetarian and vegan (no animal products at all). they use only tea and depending on which powder they use (for your drink) it’ll be vegan. make sure to ask what sweetner is used as well (they use plant based) but some might use regular sugar. i usually get taro or strawberry or honeydew

  2. Yes they are 🙂

    I email by local bubble tea place called Chatime in Australian and they responded with…

    All of Cha time’s toppings do not contain gelatin, are gluten free and vegan friendly.
    We hope you continue to enjoy your favorite Cha time drink at any of our stores!

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