May 25, 2024

Is Fish Vegan?

Answer: No

Fish is not vegan. Fish are animals. Vegans do not eat, wear or harm animals.

Editorial Note

The term “veganism” was first documented in the 40’s. That was nearly 70 years ago. In 2015, even pop super stars like Jay-Z and Beyonce espoused a vegan lifestyle, and yet, people still ask me if I eat fish. This is a call to action. Get the word out, tell the world. Tell them all about veganism. Do it for the animals.

2 thoughts on “Is Fish Vegan?

  1. I will do that! It is a pretty clear definition. Vegetarian once meant what we now mean as vegan, and it was diluted to the point where a new term had to be invented. I’d prefer to keep the meaning intact!
    I recently was made aware of this article from Leslie Cross of the Vegan Society in 1951. I find it clear and quiet beautiful.
    As far as I can tell, there is no clear definition prior to this one.

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