May 28, 2024

Is Jello Vegan?

Answer: No

Jell-O gets its jiggle from gelatin. Sadly, gelatin is hardly ever vegan. So no, Jell-o is not vegan. But, if you search around, you can find comparable recipes. I haven’t found a perfect match yet. Does anyone have a great recipe suggestion?

6 thoughts on “Is Jello Vegan?

  1. I buy vegan Jello from the Kosher section at the grocery store. Not much more expensive and just as good!

      1. Fish gelatin is usually among the halal (sad) varieties. Most other kosher gelatins are made from cow bones.

  2. Agar agar is a 100% vegan seaweed/ algae extract that mimics gelatin! If it’s fruity jello you’re after, there a fantastic mix made by “Natural Desserts” that is always at the local Harry’s/ Whole Foods. Delicious jiggly goodness with no gross animal byproducts!

  3. an amazing vegan brand called “cool cups” is a delicious jello alternative. i buy mine at whole foods. i’ve only been able to locate the black cherry gels, but they are delicious!

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