May 28, 2024

Are Potato Chips Vegan?

Answer: sometimes

Potato chips seem to be a de facto standard for every college aged, budding vegan. They are readably available and filling. This doesn’t mean they are good for you, of course, but chances are, they are vegan. Most mass produced potato chips are fried in vegetable oil. Very few mass produced chips are fried in lard (Utz seems to have a kettle chip that is fried in lard. Barf) or anything isn’t vegan.

Potato chips also come in a variety of mostly vegan flavors, but there are plenty of non-vegan ones too. Beware of the following

  • anything cheesy or creamy
  • salt and vinegar – look for whey powder!
  • bbq chips – some have beef fat or honey

And then be on the look out for things you wouldn’t think are vegan friendly, but actually are, including Cape Cod – Back Bay Crab Seasoning. Crazy.

To be safe, like always, read the labels.

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