May 28, 2024

Review: Start Original Hot Curry Sauce

Let me start by saying, I’m a hot sauce nerd. I like my food spicy. I’m always “kicking it up.” But, I’m also not a freak pepperhead or anything like that. I like to taste my food, not sizzle my tongue off. I dig hot sauces from all over the globe and palate. From sriracha to franks red hot to harissa to … well, you name it. If it’s vegan, I’ll try it. I’m game for anything. That’s why I was VERY happy when the START! Sauce crew offered to send me a bottle.

You see, this bottle is a little different than the rest. Most of the hot sauces I’ve enjoyed over the years were mostly vinegar & pepper based, some mixture of jalapeño or habanero peppers. Sure, sometimes the sauce would be mixed up with garlic or another flavor, but nothing quite like this. START! is a curry based hot sauce. Yes, curry. Think south west Asia and India. It’s GOOD stuff. I was genuinely surprised by the curry flavor. It’s recently become my favorite condiment for falafel and hummus. You’d be making a mistake if you only used it on Asian foods. A big mistake. It’s also darn tasty on pizza and gardein chicken burgers. Hmmmm

It’s also worth noting that START! took that extra step to certify their product vegan and make it gluten free. If you live near and around their homebase of Lancaster, PA, you can potentially find it in a store. Otherwise, you can order it online at their site, I’d suggest you try it. Definitely worth it.

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