May 25, 2024

Vegan Product Reviews: Now With More Than 140 Characters!

If you follow me on twitter (and you should follow me on twitter. In fact, make sure you go do that now), you know I post up reviews of vegan products. Whatever I stumble across. New food products, clothing, brands, … you name it, I’m sure I’ve reviewed it. But therein lies the issue.

Twitter is just 140 characters. And if I include a picture, I’m down to 120 characters. There’s a lot you can say in 120 characters, and even more you cannot say in 120 characters. My reviewing technique is rather “all over the board.” Lots of tangents, lots of meandering. Twitter isn’t the appropriate venue for my reviews. I can’t tell you about the cashier who rang up my product at Whole Foods who had a “My Favorite Vegetable is … Kale” pin (shout outs to the cashier in Bedford, Mass. She’s gotta be vegan, right??). Or the time we were testing out a breakfast product and dumped maple syrup all over the kitchen floor.

C’mon, this information is useful AND relevant for any review. Going forward, you can expect to see more reviews up on the site. Go ahead, read them, comment on my insane taste, feel free to disagree. Let’s do this!

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