June 23, 2024

Is Peanut Butter Vegan?

Answer: Yes, 99.9% of the time, Peanut Butter is vegan.

Summary: quality peanut butter is made from crushed peanuts and maybe a little bit of salt. Crappy peanut butter has hydrogenated oils and other goop added. But all those ingredients are from vegan friendly sources. Some peanut butters contain mono and diglycerides which can be from dubious sources (Jif Peanut Butter is one of those peanut butters). Other natural (and less natural) peanut butters contain honey as a natural sweetener. Best bet, watch out for crappy filler ingredients. Always buy peanut butter that is strictly peanuts. Even better, go to a store where you can grind the peanuts on demand. Nothing beats freshly ground peanut butter.

63 thoughts on “Is Peanut Butter Vegan?

    1. Go to Whole Foods and there you can grind alot of your own nut butters (almond, peanut, cashew) it’s fresh and vegan and you’ll taste the quality difference and never eat jif again

  1. Personally, I won’t eat peanut butter with added sugar. It’s not necessary. The best peanut butter is always the kind that you grind yourself, that’s what I’ve always found. And for New Englanders, you can’t go wrong with Teddie Peanut Butter. Get the Unsalted variety. You can’t go wrong.

  2. I’m actually gonna stop eating it because i don’t know if the sugar in the peanut butter is vegan, and i’m gonna stop drinking soda because it contains fish gelatin or something like that that comes from an animal

    1. I’d suggest buying all natural peanut butter that contains ZERO sugar. Peanut butter doesn’t need sugar.

  3. I am not a vegan and this might be a stupid question but how can sugar be non-vegan when it doesn’t come from animals?

    1. it isn’t that sugar itself isn’t vegan, as sources of sugar can be found in fruits and many plants, it is more a reluctance to eat pesticide sprayed genetically modified plants. if you don’t know where the sugar comes from (and there isn’t a real way to tell with peanut butter), it’s best to avoid.

      1. @Kasey, that’s not entirely accurate. Sometimes sugar is processed through bone char. It’s not good, but it’s not like sugar has crushed up bones in it either.

    2. It’s not a dumb question at all! I wondered it too. Many sugar that you find in stores is “bleached” by using bone char (which is basically crushed animal bones). Even brown sugar undergoes this process. Best bet is to use other sweeteners like maple syrup, or make sure the sugar is unrefined.

  4. Oh wow. I did not know that. Makes me wish I could grow my own everything to avoid all the toxins in commercial food. Thanks for the explanation.

  5. omg do you all need a life…its unreal how much people worry about nonsense. i feel bad for all of you. PLEASE do NOT breed

    1. PART of the choice to become vegan for many of us is that we want a life…a longer, healthier one…you do realize how unhealthy processed foods are, right?

      1. I’m new to veganism. I’m just trying to get away from pesticides and overly processed foods that are doing more harm than help. I think I’ll feel much better once I’m on this lifestyle for a while. Looking forward to it!

      2. Yeah. It’s surprising when you see how ignorant some can really be. ;( I’m not a vegetarian, but have most of the same values as y’all have concerning the environment, animals, processed foods, etc. 😉

      3. I eat loads of processed foods and I can guarantee I am healthier than you will ever be. I finished in the top 7 of the most recent Iron Man, and am pushing for top 3 (I’ve consistently placed in the top 20 for over 8 years).

        1. How can you guarantee that you’re healthier than me? Like really..how can you actually guarantee that other than giving me anecdotal iron man stories lol?

        2. isn’t the ironman about strength, endurance, and resilience? It’s not really about health at all is it…

        3. People with plaque build up in their arteries, high cholesterol and blood pressure can run triathlons.

          1. Ok. This is just one of those comments that annoys me. Some vegans make it seem like everyone else enjoying the readily available products are the ones out there physically slaughtering animals. I’m not that big of a meat eater because I simply don’t like the taste. I don’t think it’s wrong to eat other animals. A lion wouldn’t hesitate to eat a gazelle. A bird doesn’t hesitate to feast upon insects. What I do think is wrong is the amount of animals and processed foods that we eat. Our diets have shifted over these last few decades to a more gluttonous variety. Just because you made the choice to be vegan doesn’t mean you are holier than thou. You probably still waste s lot of water on long showers, doing the laundry, and several other things. You probably also still contribute a lot to our annual trash output. I highly doubt that you only use reusable goods. I’m just so tired of all this “if you’re not began then you obviously enjoy slaughtering helpless animals” crap. Get over yourself. Instead of bickering be part of the solution. Maybe tell people about what happens in these manufacturing processes in a less judgmental way. The more people that are armed with knowledge, the more likely something will be done about it. Maybe if we all band together we can increase food regulations to help reduce the bleaching of foods. That would be productive.

        4. Veganism is not only health related, there are many issues surrounding our excessive consumption of processed foods. The reason I became vegan is the horrifiying impact the agricultural business has on the environment. Also, I can’t imagine eating loads of processed foods guarantees you as healthier than anyone will ever be and it would be a bit idiotic of you to think so!

    2. Do you honestly think anyone on this website cares that you feel bad for us? You go deal with what is crucial to you and we will do the same

    3. The reason animals are being horribly abused is because people like yourself are too ignorant. Animals being abused, leading horrible disgusting lives, and being killed is not nonsense. I feel bad for you because you don’t seem to care about important world issues, as you believe it is “nonsense”. and do not have the intellectual capacity to educate yourself on anything that is happening in the world right now. If you did, you would be vegan too, and wouldn’t go onto websites abusing people because they care about something as you are too dull to be able to do that.

      1. well I think that animals were put on this earth to be eaten sometimes. but I’m a vegan because I didn’t like the way they killed the animals and how they treated them before they were killed for us. it’s a really disturbing process!!

          1. Just by your definition. This is ridiculous. We have diet typing and hair typing. Just another way to make us all feel far apart. This is why a lot of people will never listen to vegans. If you guys weren’t so set on the “I’m right. ” thing more could get done. Why can’t you just bend a little. So they don’t think it’s wrong to eat animals- big deal. They still have a form of protest because of the way the animals are being treated. Personally, I think the meat in the grocery store is just a slab of dead meat. It’s not an animal anymore. The animal is dead. I don’t agree with the way the animals are treated at all when they are alive and that’s why I don’t eat a lot of meat.

  6. Excuse me! Peanut butter is NOT vegan! The FDA allows there to be 30 insect parts per 100 grams. Look it up! The FDA also allows rodent hair. Again, the vast majority of peanut butter is not vegan!

    1. The FDA allowing something, does not mean that is actually the case. ie: just because they say it can include that, does not mean that it does.

  7. well I hope you dont eat grains and call yourself a vegan then of youre worried about peanut butter.. also i hope you dont drive, own books or walk on the sidewalk because all of these things contain animal product….and if I accidentally swallow one of my cats hairs does that mean im not vegan?

    1. It’s funny, because people like you have a lot to do with my choice to be vegan. We aren’t visiting amianirrelevantjerk.com and criticising you for being ignorant and cruel. If you don’t agree with it, don’t visit a website solely based on being VEGAN! Find something more productive and less hateful to do with your time.

      1. Actually I came hear to find out what was removed from vegan and gluten free peanut butter to make it so since one a peanut is naturally gluten free and two without even reading the label I can tell by taste because the GF/V stuff makes me gag and regular peanut butter does not. Not meaning to be rude on the last part there but I lacked for a better description.

        1. @Shadowulf it’s in your head. Just about every peanut butter out there is vegan friendly. I can’t speak for GF since the products may be produced in cross purpose facilities. But generally, there are no wheat products in peanut butter either.

      2. This website is here for people to enjoy and learn about things. Some people came here just to see if peanut butter was vegan or not. A lot of people who aren’t vegans, just enjoy vegan recipes because they like to make simpler versions of what’s on the market. I’m pretty sure we can all agree that processed foods don’t taste as great as freshly made ones. Just as you believe others are judging your lifestyle, please stop judging theirs. Also, saying that only vegans come here is stupid. That’s like saying you can’t go to walmart’s website if you normally shop at target.

    2. Ask yourself why you are so upset that some people choose a more ethical and humane life than you, and why you feel the need to come on an internet forum and post silly comments in an attempt to insult those people. I have yet to find someone who mocks vegans without also finding someone who is violently opposed to facing their own guilt.

      1. I don’t feel guilty about eating meat. I don’t agree with the way the animals are treated in CAFOs. I personally think that as a society we should cut back on meat for a better environment and to help reduce some of these industrial practices. Being a vegan isn’t the solution for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that anyone who isn’t vegan is a jerk who loves to torture animals.

  8. I don’t stand in judgement of anyone else. I am vegan now because, as an animal lover, I have done a great deal of research on how these animals are treated. I don’t want one of them to suffer, be fearful, or die in my name. We all should do what we feel is best for us and not criticize the other for doing the same. I am very happy with my decision.

    1. I totally agree with you. Everyone should respect one another’s opinions and not judge. If you are a vegan or not, don’t criticize the other side. Again, respect one another’s opinions and everyone will be happy.

      1. Respect does not only apply to our own species. Do not expect vegans to respect people who have animals enslaved, raped, tortured and murdered.

        1. I think you’re one of those ridiculous people who are too set in their own ways. Rachel was clearly trying to compromise, but instead you just can’t handle any idealism different than your own. I think you’re the same type of person that throughout history has lead to wars and mass destruction. It doesn’t matter if you’re “right” or “wrong”. We all have to live on this planet together.

  9. I am not vegan but I am severly allergic to eggs and also have celiac (no gluten). I also try to avoid milk because it makes me feel unwell sometimes. Just wanted to say that I eat only fresh foods now, no processing, and the diet itself improves quality of life 100 times. I strongly recommend staying away from processed foods to anyone.

    1. I have a son that is highly allergic to eggs also. When I make meatloaf or meatballs I usually add water to offset for the egg. What do you use when you bake? Does anybody here know what to sub for eggs when baking?

  10. That’s great, but what about all of the insect chunks from the production process? Does being a vegan include being able to eat insects?

  11. Watch out for Wal Mart’s ‘Great Value’ peanut butter. The list of ingredients state on the label “Maybe contain anchovies”.

    Peanut butter is a simple food and has just peanuts, oil, and salt. Nothing more. If you have a food processor, you can easily make it yourself. I make it and I’m not a great chef. Sometimes I make almond butter just to shake things up.

    These nut butters are so delicious, high in protein and they’re vegan!

  12. I agree with Lexus: in the end peanut butter is processed food, and pretty sticky too. I should refrain from it as much as possible and instead eat whole nuts (also for the fibers). Why grind it anyhow? But I have to admit: I eat no bread, so there is no need for it anyhow.

  13. Regulrar Palm oil isn’t Vegan so anything that contains it is not Vegan period. Find out why Palm Oil isn’t Vegan in Google.

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