May 28, 2024

Are Don Marcos Healthy Style Whole Wheat Tortillas Vegan?

Answer: maybe??

Everyone loves a good tortilla, and most wraps are vegan friendly, just flour and water … Watch out for authentic tortillas as they may be made with lard (yuck). These Don Marcos Healthy Style Whole Wheat Tortillas APPEAR vegan, but you’ll notice something odd in the footer.

Contains wheat and milk. Milk? Huh, how so? Check those ingredients, no milk products listed. My guess, Don Marcos and Co are playing it SUPER safe since the tortillas are produced in a factory that also processes some milk ingredients.

I’ve reached out to @DonMarcosBrand on Twitter for more information, but haven’t heard back yet. They are twitter newbs (I’m one of 10 followers, where most are spam bots) so I’ll let it slide. When I hear back, I’ll make sure to update this post.

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