May 28, 2024

Are Target’s Simply Balanced Meatless Products Vegan?

Answer: Yes!

Target recently introduced a new line of meat free, frozen dinner entrees. Target oddly refers to them as “meat analogs.” Yuck. But they are tasty, at least the Korean Barbeque one. Check this link for the full details, and your local Target freezer section for the 3 other “meatless analogs:” teriyaki meatless chicken, mushroom miso meatless turkey and smokey chipotle meatless chicken.

2 thoughts on “Are Target’s Simply Balanced Meatless Products Vegan?

  1. I have tried a number of vegetarian meat alternatives over the last 20 years and unfortunately I think this one sits at the bottom of my list. When you remove it from the package, it seems like you are removing something akin to beige colored long ice cubes. After cooking them, they have no taste whatsoever. The only thing that adds flavor is the sauce which in itself is not so great either. Target was taken for a ride on this one. I would highly recommend any of the Gardein products that Target also sells. Innovative and tasty product line which the new Simply Balanced offerings can not even come close to.

  2. I had a different experience. We prepared these for dinner this evening and my family ( which includes a 15 yr old who is not Vegan) loved it. My husband compared them to little ribs in texture and taste and both went back for seconds. They may not be the best but they are a good option which is much needed!

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