May 28, 2024

Are Butter Rum And Egg Nog Polar Seltzers Vegan?

Answer: Yes!

My good friend is a Polar Seltzer diehard fan. When he came across the flavors Butter Rum and Egg Nog, he was worried they were not vegan-friendly. He contacted Polar Beverages, and here is the response:

Good Afternoon [name redacted],

Polar Beverages has received your inquiry about our products. As a fourth-generation, family owned company, we are always interested in hearing from our customers.

Our seltzers contain carbonated water and natural flavors. The Natural Flavors can best be described when using a cup of coffee as an example. When coffee is brewed the flavors are extracted from the bean. If most of the water was removed from the cup of coffee the “flavor” would remain. This “flavor” can then be added back to any beverage or food product. Flavors are created this way using any edible spice, fruit, herb, or vegetable.

With regard to allergies, all Polar products are gluten, soy, MSG and lactose free and no Polar product contains any of the 8 major allergens. None of the flavors used in Polar products are animal derived.

Thank you for choosing Polar products,

Awesome! I love supporting local companies with a strong commitment to their customers and the environment.

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