May 28, 2024

Review: Zing Bars

Well, it looks like another summer is coming to an end. I don’t know about you, but I was busy being outside. Whether it was at a music festivals, bike riding or hiking. I feel like I was on the go every single weekend. And my memory sucks. It never occurs to me to bring extra water or food on long trips. But I usually am smart enough to grab a bar. Bars are small enough to fit in my cycle jersey pocket and usually pack enough punch to get me through those last miles. The issue is usually taste.

This summer, I started packing Zing Bars. Zing Bars are the “new bar” in town. They tout the fact that they are created by nutritionists. For the most part, I’m all good and well with this. If I wanted “super healthy,” I’d eat a carrot. I just wanted something delicious that packed the energy I needed to get over the next hill or down the other side of the mountain. These bars definitely have that. Lets check all the flavors.

Chocolate Coconut – heck yes. Definitely into this. For a while in my (sad) life, I was avoiding both chocolate and coconut. Thankfully, that phase of my life is over because this bar knocks it out of the park. This definitely isn’t a candy bar, but the flavor is so close, you can convince yourself it is AND that’s it healthy. Win.

Coconut Cashew Crisp – This one is labeled in the vegan category. It has honey in it. I was told it tasted quite good. A good mix of coconut and cashew. I prefer to avoid honey though.

Chocolate Hazelnut – This was good. Not great. But that could be my disdain of hazelnut. There is a strong (not overwhelming) hazelnut flavor to these.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip – yes, yes, yes. Can I have some more, please? Serious. Big fan of the peanut chocolate combo. Could have used some more chocolate. Don’t confuse this bar with the chocolate peanut butter bar.

Cashew Cranberry Orange – Probably my least favorite flavor. It’s just a little too “natural” for me. But then again, I have a bit of a sweet tooth (not sure if you noticed …). This one is certainly to be wildly acclaimed by your hippie mom, or that guy at the local Co-op with long hair and a peace symbol shirt (oh crap, that’s probably hippie dad). This bar is the most crunchy of the bunch.

And lets break here. Because the next 3 bars are NOT vegan. They each contain whey protein. Bummer. You know I love the chocolate peanut butter combo too.

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

Almond Blueberry

Not vegan, not for me. But the rest, I was a fan. And you can tell from the previous picture that the bars are made with WHOLE food products. No weird unpronounceable ingredients, just real stuff. Most are wheat free, gluten free, soy free and dairy free. This I can back. I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled at Whole Foods for a box of those peanut butter chocolate chip bars. For sure.

Editor’s Note: Zing Bars sent me this box for review purposes. Just so you know.

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