May 25, 2024

Are Quorn Products Vegan?

Answer: not vegan.

Quorn is a meat-free product that is mostly made from fungi. All sorts of fungi, really. But sadly, EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT appears to have milk or “rehydrated egg whites.” According to the Quorn US FAQ (as well as the UK FAQ) in regards to being suitable for vegans, “No. Because a small amount of egg white and milk ingredients are used in making Quorn products, they are not appropriate for a vegan diet.”

Not vegan. Bummer. I will continue to pass these by every time I shop. So will you, I assume. That’s ok, I’d prefer a Field Roast product anyway.

14 thoughts on “Are Quorn Products Vegan?

  1. Quorn are taking over at coles and woolworths in Australia. It’s even caused Coles to stop stocking FRYS which are vegan. Woolworths still have FRYS but more quorn

    1. This makes me mad. Here in the US a non-vegan “dairy free” cheese has taken over supermarkets. And our local Sam’s Club has replaced the core Boca burger with some non-vegan Morningstar Farms burger. Retailers probably think they’re appealing to the same audience, but they’re not.

        1. Go Veggie. Fortunately supermarkets don’t seem to carry it as much as they used to, plus they expanded their vegan line. But most of what you see is still the non-vegan cheese.

  2. I emailed Quorn about their vegan burgers and this is the response I got:

    “Please be assured that Quorn Foods are dedicated to providing great tasting, safe and nutritious food for all. However, we do not currently make foods specifically aimed at specialist diets, but we try to make our products appeal to as many consumers as possible (vegetarians, meat reducers, ‘healthy’ eaters, those watching their weight, etc.), and therefore we do not design any of our products to cater to the needs of any particular sector of the market.

    The ingredients used in the Quorn range of products are vegetable in origin, but are not suitable for a vegan diet as all contain a small amount of egg white which is added as a binding agent to produce the firm, meat-like texture that our customers enjoy. In addition, most Quorn products contain whey protein derived from milk.

    Over the years, we have expended considerable effort working to find suitable alternative binders to replace the egg which would give the same eating quality and make our products acceptable to vegans. Unfortunately we have never been able to replicate the textures & flavours, (which market research data indicate are the optimum), of our current products with the commercially available, vegan approved, food ingredients.

    Whilst we are trialling a Quorn Vegan Burger in the USA, we have no plans to launch a Quorn vegan range in the UK at this time.

    Quorn products are the only food range in the world made from mycoprotein, this is not soya or TVP based, as is the case with most other vegetarian/vegan products.

    We value and respect the views of all vegetarians and vegans and would hope to meet their criteria at some time in the future. We will continue to search for acceptable alternatives to eggs and fully assess new ingredients as they come onto the market place, but at present we can unfortunately give no indication of when and indeed if this will ever be achieved.

    1. they must be bloody joking!! yunno what’s a suitable replacement for binding the materials? EVERYTHING THAT IS DAMNED STICKY!! hell, you could even bloody use flour and water!! and why can’t they use plant-originating whey supplement? it does the exact same things and is LITERALLY undetectable!

  3. i have been looking for the Quorn vegan burgers on the shelves and they are nowhere to be found (so far). @Angie the response that you got said they are “trialing” them. what exactly does that mean… are they selling them or giving them away as samples for feedback?
    and if so where i wonder…

      1. found them at whole foods. very tasty indeed and nice texture very dense and chewy; layered almost like somewhere between tofu fritter & egg foo young (at least what i remember?)

    1. I’m guessing ‘trialling’ means they’re on sale in the US for a certain time period (as to what that is, I don’t know) to see if there is a market for them.

      Perhaps others could email them and let us know as they didn’t really give me much to go on.

      I wish they’d bring them out in the UK.

  4. they have them at the publix in mt dora florida of all places imo they are gross i’m sticking to portobello burgers personally

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