May 28, 2024

Is Red Wine Vegan?

Answer: Sometimes.

Some wines can contain honey and dairy products. During the process of finishing wine (and many other liquors), certain filtering techniques can also contain non-vegan materials. These filters can be made of sea shells, fish bladders and a few other wacky items. Yuck. That doesn’t apply to every wine or liquor, though. To list them all would be difficult, but if you head over to Barniove, you will find the most detailed and up to date listing of wines, beers and spirits. They’ve got it all (and certainly know more about hooch than this straight edge guy). Go check it out.

One thought on “Is Red Wine Vegan?

  1. Non-vegan wines use production aids such as gelatin and egg white as well as fish gut! Check out our list of additives to see some of the 200+ chemicals that are allowed in wine but do not have to be put on the labels! Some wines will say suitable for vegans on the bottle, you really need to buy from a specialist vegan supplier to be sure where you stand. Do not worry : there are plenty of delicious vegan wines available, you just need to know where to get them.

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