Are Bagels Vegan?

Answer: almost always, yes.

Much like the is bread vegan question, we’re frequently asked if bagels are vegan. I wasn’t aware bagels were so mysterious! Fresh bakery bagels are typically made from flour, water, yeast and salt. That’s the basics. Avoid bagels of the following variety: egg, cheddar jack, jalapeno cheddar, chocolate chip (most are milk chocolate, but some could be vegan friendly dark) … Some sweeter bagels can contain whey.

Frozen or mass produced bagels can be different. Some contain L-cysteine which is derived from animals (feathers, crazy). Panera was a shop that sourced animal-derived L-Cysteine previously. Thankfully, their bagels are now vegan friendly!

Ps. Cream cheese is OBVIOUSLY not vegan. But scout out a shop with hummus, peanut butter or, if you are lucky, tofu cream cheese. Good luck!

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