June 23, 2024

365 Brand Frosted Wheat Squares Or Why I Didn’t Make Granola This Week

All my life, I’ve been a cereal guy. I grew up on cereal. I ate cereal through college. I’ve always ate cereal. Usually, when it comes to a choice between cereal and some other breakfast item, I’ll pick cereal every time. In the last few years, I’ve started making my own granola. Nothing beats making your own cereal. At least, that’s my motto. But this week, I didn’t make granola.

For a few weeks, I had been lamenting to Mrs. @Isitvegan that there are no gelatin free frosted shredded wheat cereals. As a kid, frosted shredded wheats were the “treat” cereal at my house. And they were always a hit. But try finding a gelatin free FROSTED version. I thought it was impossible. But my wife is a detective. She tracked down a gelatin free version. Bam.

365 Brand Frosted Wheat Squares. Wow. Blown away. It was a blast from the past for sure. Each square is a 1×1″ square, lightly frosted. They’re just the right amount of crunchy when dry, and get appropriately soft when submerged in your favorite milk product. I go with light organic soy milk, original flavor and the combo is awesome.

Overall, I’m giving these a 9/10. They are vegan (the box even has a little checkbox next to the word “vegan.” How great is that?). They fulfill my nostalgic needs. The flavor is great, and they aren’t really unhealthy (I say the fiber outweighs the frosting in health, right? Right??). You can pick up a box for yourself at your local Whole Foods. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “365 Brand Frosted Wheat Squares Or Why I Didn’t Make Granola This Week

  1. You just totally gave me a craving for frosted mini-wheats. Will pick some up this weekend at Whole Foods, for sure. Glad I found your blog.

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