May 25, 2024

Is Pepper Spray Vegan?

Answer: yes

Pepper spray is a liquid composed of capsaicin (think extracts of the hottest pepper you’ve ever had and then multiply that heat level by one million) and a liquid dispersant, either water or oil based. However, like a lot of liquids, these products may be tested on animals. Make sure to look for legitimate products with labels that clearly state, “not tested on animals.”

And if anyone can figure out why that OWS protester was holding a sign that said “pepper spray is not vegan,” I’d love to know.

4 thoughts on “Is Pepper Spray Vegan?

  1. ha, was going to say that depends on if you are spraying it on someone or they are spraying it on you but Dee said it best

  2. Actually i’ve never seen any pepper spray with a label that states “not tested on animals”. Do you have any examples? Anyway, it seems to be quite difficult to find informations concerning this matter. If you have any references pleas let me know!

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