May 28, 2024

Are Oreos Vegan?

Update (06/15/2011): I was just told, and just reviewed the ingredients. In Europe, and possibly elsewhere abroad, Oreos contain whey powder which is definitely NOT vegan. Boooooo!

Answer: it depends on your stance on refined sugar.

Backstory: a few years ago, Kraft, the maker of Oreo Cookie sandwiches bought out Hydrox Cookies and reformulated their Oreo cookies. They removed all dairy elements, and with a serious glance, the ingredient list looked vegan (unlike Soft Batch Cookies that switched their packaging to include “dairy flavors,” sigh). Vegans of the world rejoiced and began dipping seriously into their collective soy/rice/almond/hemp/… milk glasses. But some vegans questioned the sourcing of the Kraft sugars. One of those vegans is Vegeta-Lou. She contacted Kraft and just got word back. You can read the full emails here, but I’ll give you the summary.

Kraft has several sugar suppliers. Some of our suppliers DO use the animal-derived natural charcoal (also known as “bone char”) in their cane sugar refining process and some suppliers DO NOT use this process.

There you have it. The ingredients are all vegan, but the processing of their sugars can involve bone char.

Now you know! Thanks to Vegeta-Lou for sending us the info. Her website makes me want to get back to Paris. Thanks Lou!

23 thoughts on “Are Oreos Vegan?

  1. I got the following message from Kraft when I asked them about vegan suitability of Oreo products: “Unfortunately the Oreo’s made in the UK are not suitable for vegetarians as it contains animal rennet.”

    So it looks like it’s not even suitable for vegetarians, let along vegans.

    1. Yuck. Thanks for the info. Maybe if enough people email and complain, they’ll change over to the US recipe!

  2. Newman’s Own brand has their version of oreos called Newman-O’s. All organic, vegan, no forced labor, etc. They are as good as oreos, in my opinion. They also have other filling flavors like peanut butter now.

    1. Big fan of the Newman’s Own. I also like that the profits all support the Newman Charity. Big fan.

    1. I just answer the questions asked.

      Kraft often claims to not test on animals, but there is no guarantee or proof of third party animal testing.

  3. Oreo are already vegan in Spain. You only have to be careful with the old packs, that may contain milk.

    1. Thanks for the link. You’ll notice our post explicitly excludes UK Oreos. You’ll have to import 😉

  4. Why not eat what you enjoy? … Rather than getting your panties in a bunch on what your eating? Enjoy the food!

  5. In America, they contain no whey powder, but, the Company that makes them have put on their website that they expeirience a lot of possible cross-contamination from dairy, which they use for other products.

  6. Many vegans have emailed and Oreo has said they are NOT vegan (US Oreos). I’m so confused anymore on this, I go to one site they’re vegan, go to anothey they aren’t. Then, I go to vegan groups and some say they’re vegan, and once again also aren’t. Which is it?! I don’t know who or what to trust anymore. Newman-O’s are difficult for me to get, all I want are some nice chocolate cookies without all this stress. Please help me out. Are they absolutely 100% vegan or not? Yes or no?

  7. Thank you for this article! A relative told me Oreos are vegan and I disagreed. Your site is the authority in our arguments. 🙂 Love the comments too. Thanks for creating a great community here.

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