May 28, 2024

Is Dextrose Vegan?


Dextrose is another term for Glucose. Glucose is a natural occurring sugar that plants produce during photosynthesis (“chlorophyll? more like borophyll”). At least in the US, it is frequently derived from corn.

4 thoughts on “Is Dextrose Vegan?

  1. i’ve emailed 3 corn processing companies. ADM, tate & lyle, and cargill. all of them said that their dextrose is not filtered with bone char.
    tate & lyle said that they do use charcoal to filter cane sugar. but the charcoal is from wood.

    also, i email pringles, about the dextrose in their chips. they said that it’s not filtered with bone char.

    i really hope that dextrose is vegan. i just learned that it’s in most of the beer that i drink: miller / coors, and budweiser claim that their beer is vegan, except for the few beers that are made with honey, clam juice, etc.
    also, i would like to eat pringles, frozen french fries, and other food that is made with dextrose.

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