May 28, 2024

Are Hershey’s Twizzlers Vegan?

Answer: yes (potential bone char sugar)

Twizzlers have been around for decades. The black licorice and red licorice are staples at every theater and outdoor event. And guess what, they’re vegan-friendly too. No gelatin and no milk derivatives. They are however, not gluten free. Even the chocolate twists are dairy free. You can find the full ingredient lists for each flavor below

Strawberry Rainbow
Black Licorice
Sweet And Sour Filled

** Note: these products contain mono and di-glyercides, which are “sometimes vegan.” They are also marked kosher. We’re attempting to get clarification from Hershey’s now.

14 thoughts on “Are Hershey’s Twizzlers Vegan?

    1. Mono and diglycerides are a tricky one. They are “sometimes vegan,” in that they can, and often are vegetable based, not cow or pig based. I will rephrase the post. Thank you.

  1. I wish the USA labeled ALL of it’s food clearly as the UK does. It would make life so much easier and save innocent animals lives!

    1. I contacted Hershey and they confirmed that the mono and diglycerides are vegetable oil based, but they are not sure if the natural flavors are animal free, since they do not require their supplier to disclose

      1. If they are plant based why doesn’t it say vegetable mono and diglycerides? That I what other products say so I highly doubt they are vegan

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