May 25, 2024

Are Artificial Sweeteners Vegan?

We covered Sweet’n’Low a while back, but have been asked about more artificial sweeteners that are on the market.

Splenda? Truvia? Equal? Are there more? Probably….

Splenda is the name brand for Sucralose. It is a chemical compound made in a lab. It is also historically tested on animals. Vegan ingredients, non-vegan (or humane) testing.

Equal is also a chemically made substance, is mostly vegan. The tablets contain lactose (ingredients here), but the packets seem okay. Mostly vegan.

Truvia is another man-made made substance, that is derived from the stevia plant. My understanding is that because it undergoes no chemical compound changes, they can call it natural, but natural it is really not. This is a relatively new product. You can read the official FAQs here and I’ll leave you to sing the annoying jingle. Vegan.

3 thoughts on “Are Artificial Sweeteners Vegan?

  1. Melissa – no they are not vegan. Despite years of human consumption, they are still extensively tested on animals, experimenters killing various species by giving them doses of sweeteners hundreds or thousands of times higher than humans would ever consume. While the irrelevance of such tests to humans is indisputable, you are using a product which kills animals!

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