May 25, 2024

Is Cocoa Butter Vegan?


Cocoa Butter is vegan. Cocoa butter does not actually involve any butter or dairy products; it merely resembles a buttery substance in it’s base form. It is a vegetable fat produced from the cacao bean.

10 thoughts on “Is Cocoa Butter Vegan?

  1. the “butter” label is used a lot, but you really have to dig deep when you see it. my nephew has allergies, and he wont eat anything that has butter in the description, despite what the ingredients say. interestingly enough (you can confirm this of course). mrs butterworth contains natural and artificial flavor, yet no dairy. i cant explain that. 🙂

  2. So is most chocolate vegan than? The only item I saw listed on a lot of chocolate was cocoabutter…what about when it says, milk chocolate? Just wording for the lighter color or actually contains milk?

    1. Lots of dark chocolates are vegan as long as they don’t have milk, butter or butterfat. Milk chocolate is made with milk and is not vegan.

  3. What if the chocolate is vegan, but the label says, ” Produced on equipment that also processes product containing: Milk, peanuts, and tree nuts.” ?


    1. Maria, here’s the deal with that label.

      Most factories share production lines for milk chocolate and dark chocolates. When they switch from one type to the next, they do not always 100% clean the system. This would require flushing the whole works. Instead, most factories “transition” from milk to dark or dark to milk. So when the first dark chocolate bars come off the line, they may contain remnants of milk chocolate. Of course, the percentage of milk chocolate would be very small. There are likely factories that are exclusively dark chocolate providers, but none come to mind currently.

      Good luck.

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