Is Jello Vegan?

Answer: No

Jell-O gets its jiggle from gelatin. Sadly, gelatin is hardly ever vegan. So no, Jell-o is not vegan. But, if you search around, you can find comparable recipes. I haven’t found a perfect match yet. Does anyone have a great recipe suggestion?

6 thoughts on “Is Jello Vegan?

  1. Agar agar is a 100% vegan seaweed/ algae extract that mimics gelatin! If it’s fruity jello you’re after, there a fantastic mix made by “Natural Desserts” that is always at the local Harry’s/ Whole Foods. Delicious jiggly goodness with no gross animal byproducts!

  2. an amazing vegan brand called “cool cups” is a delicious jello alternative. i buy mine at whole foods. i’ve only been able to locate the black cherry gels, but they are delicious!

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