Are Clif Bars Vegan?

Answer: almost all of them are vegan!

Clif Bars are a god send to any vegan who plays hard or travels a lot. These bars pack a ton of calories and protein, and taste excellent too. Just what you’d expect from something that started in someone’s garage. Into it.

As far as which ones are vegan, Clif Bar has a handy-dandy display on their website. There’s a checkbox for “vegan.” Easy as that. From what I can see, the only two original style bars that are NOT vegan are the mini blueberry crisp and the mini chocolate chip peanut butter (not sure why the mini ones are not vegan, the regular sized ones are …). Check it out for yourself, it’s fun.

And for those concerned about the use of “palm oil,” check this response from a ClifBar rep. Thumbs up.

3 comments for “Are Clif Bars Vegan?

  1. angel
    March 25, 2014 at 11:22 am

    When I click on the no dairy button on the website, all of the original cliff bars disappear.

    • charles
      April 9, 2014 at 2:13 am

      The original Clif Bars disappear now because they MAY contain trace amounts of dairy due to common facilities. They are NOT made with dairy as the FAQ clarifies.
      The only non-vegan products are the few that have honey and/or whey. If you look at the FAQ guide for each product series the company tells you what is or is not vegan.

      I was similarly confused until I figured it out.

      ***Here’s the allergens table:
      ***FAQ (select the product):


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